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Our Commitment

Every wag, every bark, every woof they're the inspiration behind our creations. As we continue our delicious journey, from our humble pop-ups to our bustling full-line store, our promise remains unchanged — to craft moments of tail-wagging happiness, one handmade treat at a time. Welcome to our bakery, where love and treats are always on the menu

Custom Orders

Bentley's Barkery offers customizable treats, allowing pet owners to tailor their purchases to their dog's preferences and dietary needs! Get in touch to learn more!

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About Us


Fresh, Handmade Dog Treats

Unlike many competitors that offer mass-produced treats with long shelf lives, Bentley's Barkery specializes in crafting fresh, handmade dog treats. This dedication to freshness ensures that each treat is of the highest quality and retains maximum flavor.

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Human-Grade Ingredients

Bentley's Barkery takes pride in using human-grade ingredients for its treats, a feature that sets it apart from competitors that may use lower-quality ingredients. This commitment to quality reflects a genuine concern for pet health.

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USDA/FDA & AAFCO Approved Ingredients

All ingredients used by Bentley's Barkery meet USDA and FDA standards, underscoring the company's commitment to safety and quality. This assurance is especially crucial for health-conscious pet owners.

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