Roll Out the Red Carpet: Bentley’s Barkery To Host Doggy Red Carpet Event at River Park!

FRESNO, CA — Attention all dog lovers in Fresno and Clovis! Get ready to pamper your furry friends like never before because Bentley’s Barkery is rolling out the red carpet for an unforgettable event at River Park. On March 12th, join us during the farmer’s market for a doggy red carpet extravaganza to promote our new Bentley’s Box monthly subscription service alongside Lions Gate films to offer pre-screening tickets to Arthur The King, starring Mark Wahlberg.

The screening will take place at 7 p.m. at the Regal Theater at River Park. And here’s the best part: those who purchase a Bentley Box, our brand-new subscription service, will receive reserved tickets to the screening, ensuring they don’t miss out on the action. Fresno Bully Rescue is graciously lending a helping paw by offering their expertise in pet care during the movie screening. 

The Bentley’s Box is an innovative monthly-subscription-box-with-a-local-gettogether-twist: Designed to cater specifically to Fresno and Clovis dogs, this innovative offering from the beloved local pet boutique brings a curated selection of handpicked toys, accessories, and delectable treats right to the doorsteps of pet lovers in the community, while also offering monthly events for the pack to join together each month around Fresno!

The first Bentley’s Boxes have gone out to its first Fresno and Clovis homes this month, but local dog owners can still snag their place among the earliest PAWdopters: subscriptions are on presale at There, Fresno and Clovis pet lovers can take advantage of a one-time deep discount to kickstart the launch.

Picture this: a bustling farmer’s market, vibrant with activity, and right in the midst of it all, a booth adorned with dazzling decorations and a plush red carpet fit for canine royalty. The red carpet will mimic the types of events you find during the Emmys, with dogs being the stars! 

Dog owners can bring their dogs to the farmer’s market for a social media photo opp, sample dog treats from Bentley’s Barkery, purchase a Bentley’s Box, and enjoy the movie, all in one night! That’s where you’ll find Bentley’s Barkery, ready to welcome you and your four-legged companions to a celebration of all things doggy. 

River Park will be hosting the event during its weekly farmer’s market, adding to the excitement of the evening. With the recent opening of the new Nike store there, the area is expected to be extra packed, promising a lively atmosphere for our dog activities red carpet event.

Speaking of Bentley Box, let’s talk about this exciting new offering from Bentley’s Barkery. Imagine receiving a monthly box filled with gourmet treats, premium toys, and stylish accessories for your beloved pet, all handpicked by our dedicated team. But that’s not all—each box also comes with an invitation and information about pet owner events, including our monthly dog event that is exclusively bundled with the subscription. It’s the perfect way to treat your furry friend while connecting with the Fresno and Central Valley community.

Each box, measuring 12″ x 10″ x 4″, is curated with the same love and dedication that defines Bentley’s Barkery’s other renowned products, from the classic Barkday Cake to the Salmon EmPAWnada. (Puns absolutely intended.) 

The new launch takes those handcrafted baked goods, which are approved for pet food safety by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and combines them with monthly dog products to offer a hassle-free way to pamper your pet. 

“I wanted to create a PAWsitively delightful experience! One that not only pampers pets but also enhances the connection between them and their owners, and the local community,” said Ebony Brown, the innovator behind The Bentley Box.

As a Fresno-based business that has evolved from humble pop-ups to a bustling full-line store, Bentley’s Barkery has deep roots in the local community. The company hosts monthly events for dogs and their humans that feature charcuterie boards for guests… and “barkuterie boards” for the four-legged party pooches in attendance. 

The box will include special invites to these events and local offers for subscribers. In this way, the box is more of an extension of Bentley’s Barkery’s commitment to providing quality, locally crafted treats and products for pets, Brown said. 

As a token of gratitude to their loyal customers who have been part of the journey from pop-up ventures to a full-line store, Bentley’s Barkery is offering an exclusive presale for The Bentley Box. Subscribers during this limited-time offer not only enjoy a deeply discounted rate (two months free) but also actively contribute to supporting a local business in Fresno growing in a new direction.

“This presale isn’t just a discount; it’s an opportunity for our community to play a crucial role in propelling Bentley’s Barkery into a new era of doggie delights,” Brown said. “It’s a unique chance to be part of something special. It’s a statement—a commitment to the values of quality, care, and community that Bentley’s Barkery is built on.”

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