Nellie’s Quest: A Heartfelt Call to Adopt & Love

In the heart of Fresno, a special pup named Nellie has become a beacon of hope and joy for those considering pet adoption. Featured at the Fresno City Council Meeting, Nellie was not just any guest; she was celebrated as Fresno’s Pet of the Month, courtesy of the Fresno Animal Center. 🐶💕

A Sweet Companion Awaiting a Furever Home

Nellie (A000787), a 7-month-old Shepherd mix, is currently under the care of the Fresno Animal Center, embodying the joy and love that comes with adopting a pet. Her journey at the center highlights the ongoing efforts to find forever homes for pets in Fresno. Nellie enjoys interacting with humans and other dogs and is learning basic commands like “sit.” Despite her initial shyness, she quickly warms up to new friends, showing her affectionate and cuddly nature. 🥰🐕
This month, free dog adoption is available at the Fresno Animal Center. It’s now easier for families in Fresno to open their homes to pets like Nellie. Each adoption comes with spay/neuter services, vaccines, and a microchip. Everything you need to begin a new adventure with your new side kick is included. Every pet adopted from the Fresno Animal Center will receive a special discount on our Bentley Boxes, filled with treats and toys to celebrate the new addition to your family. Discover more about our Bentley Boxes here. 🏡💖

If you’re moved by Nellie’s story and interested in exploring Fresno pet adoption, we encourage you to visit the Fresno Animal Center at 5277 E. Airways Blvd., Fresno, CA 93727, or explore more adoptable dogs here. This is your chance to add a loving member to your family and experience the joy of pet companionship.

A Call to Action from Bentley’s Barkery

At Bentley’s Barkery, we’re passionate about supporting pet adoption and the wonderful work done by the Fresno Animal Center. By showcasing pets like Nellie, our goal is to illuminate the joys and advantages of pet adoption. We encourage our community to embrace these animals in need. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference. One adoption at a time. And when you celebrate bringing a new furry family member home, consider marking the occasion with one of Bentley’s Barkery’s special ‘Gotcha Day’ cakes, a perfect way to commemorate the start of this beautiful journey together. Find the perfect celebration cake here 🐾❤️

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