Unveiling The Bentley Box: A Sneak Peek into Our Monthly Canine Delights

Imagine the excitement in your dog’s eyes as a custom-designed box arrives at your doorstep every month, filled with handpicked toys, home-baked treats, and exclusive surprises. At Bentley’s Barkery, we’re thrilled to introduce The Bentley Box—a dog owner monthly subscription service that promises tail-wagging happiness for your furry companion. 

With our new pet subscription service, Bentley’s Barkery brings delightful treats and toys directly to Fresno and Clovis homes! We’re celebrating its impending launch by offering our loyal customers — that’s you — to a special presale event to help us kick start the service! More on that to follow below.

Based in Fresno, Bentley’s Barkery has been on a delightful journey from humble pop-ups to a bustling full-line store. Our commitment to crafting moments of joy for pets has driven our evolution. Inspired by the simple idea that dogs deserve treats crafted with the same care and quality as human food, we are now unveiling The Bentley Box—a new chapter in our quest to spread happiness.

Unleashing Tail-Wagging Excitement

In just a few weeks, Bentley’s Barkery will be unleashing The Bentley Box in Fresno and Clovis. Each 12″ x 10″ x 4″ box contains handpicked toys, accessories, and delectable treats baked with the same love and quality that define our other renowned barkery baked goods. 

Launching in March 2024, this subscription offers a curated experience strengthening the bond with your pet. Dog owners can sign up for a subscription and each month will receive a mailer box filled with goodies such as dog toys and accessories, and baked treats from our barkery. Plus, our boxes also come with special offers, exclusive invites, and other pawesome goodies, packing the box with tons of value!

Monthly Delights – What’s Inside The Box?

Opening The Bentley Box each month is like unwrapping a gift specially designed for your pet. Picture a stylish XOXO Bandana adding charm to your furry friend or a Champagne Bottle Squeaky Toy sparking celebratory play. Beyond the delightful surprises, our signature treats will give your pooch the satisfying crunch of our Woofles every single month. 

This subscription isn’t just about providing treats; it’s about creating an experience that strengthens the bond between pets and their owners. The Bentley Box goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each curated collection brings variety and delight. It’s an extension of Bentley’s Barkery’s commitment to offering the finest, personalized treats and products for pets. 

As we prepare to launch this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of creating memorable moments for your furry companions.

Limited-Time Presale Offer – Supporting Local Business!

As a thank you to our loyal customers who’ve been part of our journey from pop-up beginnings to a full-line store, we’re offering an exclusive presale for The Bentley Box. It’s an opportunity to play a crucial role in propelling a local business into a new venture that has been requested for years. By taking advantage of this limited-time offer, you’re not just treating your furry friend for a full year at a deep discount; you’re actively contributing to the continuation of Bentley’s Barkery’s mission—providing handmade treats crafted with love and care. 

It’s a unique opportunity to be part of something special, ensuring that Bentley’s Barkery continues to bring joy to pets and their owners for years to come!

With The Bentley Box, Bentley’s Barkery continues its journey of spreading joy to pets and their owners.

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